The Staff


Stretch Tuemmler | Photographer

A Baltimore native, Stretch got his start in Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology and graduated with a BFA in Photo Illustration. Shortly after graduating he dove head first into the world of advertising photography working for Clint Clemens, a busy studio in Boston. After five years in Boston he set up shop here in Maine in 1984.   

Known for his attention to detail and vast knowledge of all things Photography, Stretch is a laid back, approachable leader in the studio. He'll keep the shoot on track and navigate through any challenges that arise along the way.

But it takes more than experience and a keen eye to make a great photographer; it takes a passionate, artistic vision. Stretch has what it takes. 

Jason Poulin | Studio Assistant & Post Production  

Originally from Western Maine, Jason has called Portland his home for the last eight years. With a background as a graphic designer, photographer, and high-end retoucher, Jason has all the right skills both on set and in post production.

A self-proclaimed "Photoshop Guru", Jason can do pretty much anything you want in Photoshop, which in the world of commercial/advertising photography can save you or your clients valuable time and money. In addition to being the master of all things digital, Jason is extremely efficient, which translates into quick turn around times, and more savings.